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What is Timo Plus?

Timo Plus is a new digital bank to help you on your journey to financial freedom.

In partnership with Viet Capital Bank, Timo Plus promises a private banking experience you’d expect from other banks, but without the hassle of maintaining a huge balance. Start planning for your future with a range of savings, investment and borrowing solutions.

Get a digital bank account instantly​

The new way to open an account online in just minutes. Start moving or receiving money immediately after registering your account and manage your money effectively. Your Napas Debit card can be collected later at a time of your choosing. These are just some of the things that makes banking with Timo Plus so convenient.

Do everything you love with a Timo Plus Visa Credit card

Travel the world with a Visa Credit card in your hand. We offer free annual fee so you can spend abroad in over 180 currencies with an FX transaction rate of 3%. You can also gain access to a wide variety of offers and deals, including shopping, food and beverage, entertainment, travel, health care and more.

Reach your savings goals faster with Timo Plus

Whether you’re saving for a house, a phone, or a rainy day, Timo Plus can help you visualize your short and long-term financial goals. Contribute or withdraw money as often as you’d like with virtual savings accounts.

ngân hàng số plus
ngân hàng số plus

A private banking experience for all​

  • Convenient - One app for all your needs
  • Fast - Get a full Digital account in minutes
  • Smart - Your own assistant Timo Plus in the App
  • Innovative - Financial Management tools at your fingertips

Your money is safe with multi-layered security​

Instant notifications

With Timo Plus, you always get notified of every transaction made and can lock or unlock your cards immediately in-app to make sure your funds are safe and secure.

App security

Logging into the app always requires username, password or Biometrics. Instant in-app OTP is required to authorize all payments made from your account.

Protected funds

Timo Plus gives you full access to your account to perform all your banking services at any time, while all your money is safely secured at Viet Capital Bank and protected by the State Bank of Vietnam.